Wu Bo

ThemeForest Author, Web designer, Shopify / WordPress developer.

I began my first full-time work in 2007, I started my web design and development career. 15 years of experience creating on the web so far.

Since 2012, I quit my day job and became a full-time freelancer web designer to selling my WordPress themes and plugins on Envato Market. Fortunately, my first WordPress theme got into the weekly top seller board on Themeforest, I was greatly encouraged to keep my freelancer career.

I like freelance life, I usually do my work in different coffee bars, enjoy afternoon tea, and feel very happy for a long time. However, although it makes the time more flexible, other questions were also followed.

Long time working alone, I completely lost connection with the world around me, and then I sadly fell into a major depression in 2015. During this dark time, I tried kinds of smart and foolish ways to get rid of the agonies from either the mental or the body. As time went on, 6 years passed, I almost did nothing on my work.

Since 2021, I felt better than before and thought that I could start working again. One day, a man invited me to make a web page for ByteDance (The company behind TikTok), just needed to finish the front end of the new home page design and the interactive animation. This made me reconnect to the world. Really appreciated that.

Afterward, I have joint to my friend’s crypto-focused startup until now. I’m in charge of web design and online marketing.

My story still goes on, follow me.